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Erasmus Erasmus : If the human race ever hopes to escape from this planet, it will need to be able to use gravity to provide a means of propulsion for spaceships.


KinkajouMed Kinkajou Interviews SigmaPsiTom Orley:
(David Brin: Startide Rising)

Kinkajou Kinkajou :   Greetings Tom. I come to seek some insight from you about the technology of the Galactics and human technology in your area.

Tom Orley Terragens Agent SigmaPsi Tom Orley:  I think a number of technologies stand out as being critical to the new human era. The ability to attain orbit is perhaps the most basic and essential technology for space faring species. When humans in olden times needed to use rockets to reach orbit, the cost of space exploration would have been prohibitive. Nonetheless humans did manage to build and send a colony ship to the nearest planet.

It was a sad day for many, when the Tymbrimi brought our first generation ship home. However, humans do not realise how lucky they were that the species who found them were the Tymbrimi. Imagine how history would have changed had our paths clashed with those of a more aggressive species such as the Jophur, the Soro, the Gubru or the Thennanin.

Humans had managed to place sufficient resources into orbit to enable them to build and send a colony ship to another planet. At that time they had also uplifted the chimpanzee and had begun work on uplifting dolphins. Unknowingly, they had become Galactic patrons. Unlike almost any other species that have attained the status without the assistance of another spacefaring race.


There are currently numbers of methods of achieving orbit. Gravity technology is common. Fusion power can support high-energy rocketry. Mass relaxation has been considered. Sigma psi penetration of alternate realities can allow rapid if sporadically unreliable transit.

The same technologies can be used in driving a spaceship in space. Humans have developed some of this technology themselves. However many species simply harvested the technology wholesale from the library.

The ability to use gravity although initially envisioned as a method of travelling through space , has been superseded by the ability to use wormholes as transfer points and the ability to access high dimensional space for transit. Some species have been using these technologies for millions of years.

Warrior Kinkajou..Galactic Travelogue


The first species to develop technology were the legendary Progenitors. Prior to their departure for parts or spaces unknown, they had called for perpetual search for knowledge. In practice most species look to the library and only the library for knowledge. After all to many of them, what is the point of researching what must have been discovered 1000 times over by those who came before?

Certainly we humans have on some occasions attempted to follow the same path.

It has proven exceedingly simple to choose advanced spaceship designs from the library and to follow the fabrication instructions while understanding only a small fraction of what was built. Earth has a few of the ships and they are indeed marvels.

Tymbrini Tymbrimi Alien: our first contact bringing our slowship home.

However we look on the library as a honeypot: tempting and potentially nourishing but also as a terrible trap. Hence we have always sought to research and grow our technology from what we understand and to gain understanding before implementation.


Contact with the Galactics has also accelerated the human trend of adapting technologies to our cities and habitats. For instance, the burgeoning human population demanded the total redesign of personal transportation vehicles (a.k.a. cars). Also, our colonisation of the oceans alongside our Dolphin brethren has created a demand for vehicles able to travel efficiently and cheaply within this environment.


To us financial considerations as well as technology are paramount in planning a path for technological implementation.

Humanity has been forced to work as a single organism by the all-embracing galactic hostility. This is actually been beneficial in some ways to human race. We have been forced to work together as never before throughout history. The extent and breadth of knowledge available means that many people are capable of accessing many technologies, especially via the medium of the library.

This means innovations have occurred wholesale across the planet, allowing acceleration of ideas and trade across the entire planet.

World trade has tied us together even more tightly.

The average human has very little understanding of the vintage of galactic civilisation. For example, after one recent battle I was able to do some tests on a Thennanin battle cruiser. A reasonable guess indicated to me that the ship had been forged or fabricated at least 30 million years ago. A find like this makes us realise how far mankind needs to go to catch up with galactic civilisation.


Spaceship Force Shield Spaceship Force Shield


Another technology which I regard as ground-breaking is the development of the Memristor. This technology had begun wholesale penetration of technological device construction at a time just preceding first galactic contact. It allowed the development of fast computers almost at the thinking machine stage and, pseudo-intelligent machinery and sensors.

This technology along with gravity generation were important in allowing us to develop fusion bottles, the earliest high energy generating technology capable of supporting space bound operations.

Our contact with the Galactics revealed the importance of the preservation of habitat and other species. Early human threats to other species such as the cetaceans would not be tolerated by galactic society. Although many things done by humans to the ecology of the planet were an anathema to galactic civilisation, most Galactics blamed man’s unknown sponsor race.


It came to be accepted that uplift is not an irrelevant question. Is the only question. Many of the things that are good and bad about the uplift system over the many millions of years of history are represented in human history. Galactic contact with humanity created the first challenge to the galactic society system of patronage for uplift of spacefaring races.


Due to our population humans had gained significant experience with innovations such as recycling to reduce the impact of humanity on the planet. Reusable resources allowed us to exploit and damage the ecology of our planet less. Galactic civilisation would have approved of our early efforts, as primitive as they were.



Galactic Civilisation
Galactic Civilisation : Big Species, Big Attitude, Big Fleets and Bigger Guns



With the arrival of the Galactics, we needed to tighten our game up. Humanity kept on asking for sacrifice from the people that never volunteered to be ecological heroes. Few humans appreciate the fanaticism of the Galactics involved. A significant effort was made (considered impracticable by many) to hide the evidence of human ecological abuse and of human genocide.




They plan deception
to fool deceivers
and veils
to cover Whales.


Dolphin Spacer crew Streaker
Dolphin Spacer crew Streaker


Humanity was guided by some truly impressive humans. But many humans felt that the world being led by mad honour bound genius’s was only likely to guide us to doom. The actions of our leaders in coping with first contact, essentially amounted to an unofficial coup in our relations with the Galactics.

Kinkajou Kinkajou :   So was this some sort of Sigma Psi sense?

Tom Orley Terragens Agent SigmaPsi Tom Orley: That is certainly one possibility. Although species such as the Tandu believe that they understand the ramifications of Sigma Psi technology, reliably using this technology is fraught with hazard. Even the species familiar with Sigma psi travel technology frequently lose ships or fleets into nothing. However, throughout our  history humans have appeared to make correct and  inspirational decisions, supposedly based on inadequate knowledge or inadequate experience. I believe it is almost as if perhaps our patrons possessed this sense and built it into our very being.

Perhaps our patrons stepped off to an alternate dimension marching to the beat of a very different drum, and leaving humanity to cope for itself.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Indeed, our site https://www.enkfairy.com describes a pathway to the human species stepping off the physical world into the realms beyond the brane.

Kinkajou Kinkajou :  Yes I must confess Sigma psi communications technology has revolutionised my ability to interview existent and non-existent people and intelligences throughout time and space. Without this technology, much of what I do every day is impossible. However to harness this technology is the new frontier for humanity. I bid you good day Tom.


Tom Orley Terragens Agent SigmaPsi Tom Orley: Fleet fingers. Thank you for saving my time. You have travelled as swiftly and as truly as any Tursiops.




Brin, David

Tom Orley

Startide Rising


Brin, David

Tom Orley

Startide Rising


Brin, David

Tom Orley

Startide Rising

Orbital EngineTrue.html

Brin, David

Tom Orley

Startide Rising


Brin, David

Tom Orley

Startide Rising


Brin, David

Tom Orley

Startide Rising


Brin, David

Tom Orley

Startide Rising

Erasmus Erasmus : If civilisation in the galaxy should be as commonplace as the Drake Equation suggests, where are they? Perhaps we should be more careful in searching for Alien life. Even one alien race expanding at a fraction of light speed, would fill the entire galaxy in a few hundred thousand years: a very brief time in the scheme of things galactic.


Kinkajou Kinkajou :  As my mother told me, “Be careful what you ask for.
You may in fact get exactly what you ask for”.